Laboratory Services

Performing a variety of molecular tests in the field of food and medicine

GMO Test

Detection of halal food, gelatin & gelatin capsules

Meat origin detection

Saffron fraud identification by using specific primers 

The first and most specialized lab

The Dana Gene Research Lab is proud to introduce itself as the first and most expert laboratories of the Food and Drug Administration and the Standard Office of Food and Drug Administration and other molecular work.

Official license activity on the title of Trusted Lab From the Food and Drug Administration
Provider of services and specialized tests
Laboratory of Tehran Standard Office
Collaborative Laboratory of Halal National Center for Research

Healthy food, healthy community

In a society where people’s health is one of the conditions for the production and supply of food, we are proud to announce that we have already succeeded in identifying a variety of food insecurities in the field of meat, tuna, saffron… by methods. And specialized molecular techniques. Stay tuned for more info…

Dana Gene at a Glance

The Dana Genetics Research Institute began its specialized and professional molecular activity under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration and General Directorate of Tehran in 2011 and To date, it has achieved significant success in this field, and with its specialist staff, it has done its utmost to meet the demands of the community.

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